Refund Policy


We will issue a full refund if any one of the following happen:

  • The measurements of the item you receive are different from the measurements listed on our website for that product (e.g. we said that the chest measurement of the blouse is 30-32 inches and it is not or we said that the item would fit someone 5’4 to 5’9 and you fall in that height range and it doesn’t fit). Therefore please make sure to check the outfit measurements before you check out to make sure the item will fit you.
  • The item we sent you has a stain or a tear.
  • The item we sent is not the same as photo.
  • We did not send you the full item (e.g. there is a piece missing)
  • The outfit did not reach you on the day elected by you. Depending on availability, you will have an option to extend your rental or ship the unworn outfit to be eligible for a refund.

The full refund will include the cost of shipping both ways if all of the items that we sent you have one or more of the issues above. If you order two items and only one has an issue above then we will refund the cost of that item but not the shipping cost.