'Navaa' means 'new' in Punjabi. 

It is founded by Ravleen who grew up in Delhi in India, always loving fashion. She would often accompany her mom, her two masis( aunts) and naani (grandmother) to numerous shopping trips exploring different markets. From designing her own saree blouses to hustling her way to get passes to fashion shows, she was in awe of these successful and amazing designers who conceptualized and created outfits for years for her family and friends.


Fast forward, she moved to Canada and wanted to help her family and friends have access to these talented designers and the same type of outfits, without the hassle of making expensive trips to India.

Navaa’s vision is to offer the very best of authentic and traditional South Asian clothing with a modern twist. We collaborate with a selection of talented and ethical designers from the subcontinent. The designs are trendy, unique but at the same time use traditional textiles and techniques originated in India. 

Our Mission

Give ethical and talented South Asian designers an opportunity to expand their reach and better showcase their exceptional craft.

Provide our customers access to a wide selection of sustainable and modern South Asian clothing, with their needs always at the forefront.

Our Values

Transparency: With us, you will always know where things stand. No hidden fees, no promises unkept, no BS.

Customer centricity: Our customers are at the forefront of what we do. We treat others (and our customers) the way we would like to be treated!

Give back: Growing up, we were always taught to give back a portion of our earnings back to our community. Navaa is built on this same foundation and continues to support our artisans, karigars and community of designers. 


Discover the new, inspired by tradition!

Look forward to styling you in NAVAA

Ravleen Kaur