$85.00 USD

Discover the dreamy comfort of our pajama-fit trousers, digitally printed with inspiration drawn from the timeless allure of old Bollywood glamour. Effortlessly breezy, this versatile pair can be styled up or down. Featuring asymmetrical hem and binding details, along with convenient side pockets, these trousers combine style and comfort seamlessly.

FABRICS: Rayon Flex 130 GSM: Crafted from recycled wood pulp, this fabric seamlessly blends the plush feel of rayon with natural stretch for optimal comfort. An eco-friendly alternative to cotton, it distinguishes itself with a light texture and breathability.

1. Elasticed waist for Comfort
2. High quality print using Azo free chemical dye
3. Easy-Breezy Sustainable Fabric
4. Versatile Pairing Options
5. Asymmetrical Hem Details
6. Convenient Side Pockets


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