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A knee-length shirt dress with a boxy silhouette, featuring knife pleats on sleeves and hem. Ideal for brunch or cocktails, it's semi-formal chic. The high-quality print, made with Azo-free dye on rayon flex fabric, offers a breezy feel. Inspired by Mumbai's Parsi cafes, this dress effortlessly blends style and comfort for a versatile wardrobe staple.

FABRICS: Rayon Flex 130 GSM: Crafted from recycled wood pulp, this fabric seamlessly blends the plush feel of rayon with natural stretch for optimal comfort. An eco-friendly alternative to cotton, it distinguishes itself with a light texture and breathability.

1. V-Neck Knee-Length Shirt Dress
2. Boxy Silhouette
3. Easy to Slip On
4. Knife Pleats on Sleeves and Hem
5. Ideal for Brunch or Cocktails
6. Semi-Formal Chic
7. High-Quality Print
8. Azo-Free Dye
9. Rayon Flex Fabric
10. Breezy and Comfortable


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