Introducing a versatile blazer-cum-dress featuring bell sleeves and an adjustable oversized waist belt. This piece is adorned with hand embellishments, including crystals, beads, and sequins, creating a unique collage of beauty. The print takes inspiration from Indian mint and candy packages, scanned and manipulated to craft this distinctive artwork. Dyed with Azo-free chemicals, this blazer-cum-dress is crafted from soft and luxurious Bemberg twill satin, showcasing a splendid sheen.

FABRICS: Bemberg Twill Satin, crafted with eco-friendly cupro from cotton byproducts, offers a sustainable, biodegradable choice. Its twill satin finish provides a luxurious sheen and smooth texture, offering an elegant and environmentally conscious alternative to silk satin.

1. Versatile Blazer-Cum-Dress
2. Bell Sleeves
3. Adjustable Oversized Waist Belt
4. Hand Embellishments: Crystals, Beads, Sequins
5. Indian Mint and Candy-Inspired Print
6. Azo-Free Chemical Dye
7. Soft Bemberg Twill Satin
8. Luxurious Sheen


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