Introducing a bias halter dress with an adjustable elasticated back, perfect for brunch or evening wear. The print is inspired by Indian mint and candy packages, scanned and manipulated to create this unique artwork. Dyed using Azo-free chemicals, this maxi dress is crafted from soft and luxurious Bemberg twill satin, showcasing a splendid sheen.

FABRICS: Bemberg Twill Satin, crafted with eco-friendly cupro from cotton byproducts, offers a sustainable, biodegradable choice. Its twill satin finish provides a luxurious sheen and smooth texture, offering an elegant and environmentally conscious alternative to silk satin.

1. Bias Halter Dress
2. Adjustable Elasticated Back
3. Perfect for Brunch or Evening Wear
4. Indian Mint and Candy-Inspired Print
5. Azo-Free Chemical Dye
6. Soft Bemberg Twill Satin
7. Luxurious Sheen


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