Pajayafit fit trousers adorned with a delicate pearl lacing detail along the hem's border. These trousers feature convenient side pockets and an elasticated waist for easy adjustments. The high-quality print is crafted from Azo-free chemical dye, while the fabric, made from rayon flex, offers a super easy, breezy, and airy feel. Drawing inspiration from the charming Parsi cafes found in Mumbai, these trousers seamlessly combine style and comfort for a delightful addition to your wardrobe.

FABRICS: Rayon Flex 130 GSM: Crafted from recycled wood pulp, this fabric seamlessly blends the plush feel of rayon with natural stretch for optimal comfort. An eco-friendly alternative to cotton, it distinguishes itself with a light texture and breathability.

1. Pajayafit Fit Trousers
2. Pearl Lacing Detail on Hem's Border
3. Convenient Side Pockets
4. Elasticated Waist for Easy Adjustments
5. High-Quality Print
6. Azo-Free Chemical Dye
7. Rayon Flex Fabric
8. Super Easy, Breezy, and Airy Feel
9. Mumbai Parsi Cafe Inspiration


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